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Cañas y Tapas en Palma
Tap Station Mercat 1930
Royal Bliss Premium Mercat 1930

Beverage stalls

Tap Station 

Rods and Cups

Caña y tapas en Tardeo Mallorca

Canes and tapas

San Miguel Tap Station offers you a variety of unique draft beers.

Each of them inspired by different brewing places in the world, there are so many types of beers, that in Mercat 1930 we have opted for the following beers.

tap satation san miguel mercat 1930
tap satation san miguel mercat 1930

SAN MIGUEL ESPECIAL ,  the beer that goes with everything, from an exquisite tuna tartare, a entrecote to the point, as with a hamburger.

Tap Station Mercado Gastronómico
Tap Station Mercado Gastronómico

SAN MIGUEL CHICAGO. Wicker Park is a beer with a dark copper color, good body, balance of malt and hops and well integrated alcohol. The authentic taste of the best beer tradition.

Cañas y Tapas paseo maritimo
Cañas y Tapas paseo maritimo

SAN MIGUEL PRAGA. Hrad offers us a beer with a superior alcoholic content, good body, aromas of malt and hops and memories of raisins that last with an outstanding sweetness in the mouth. With all the intensity of a beer to enjoy sip by sip.

Tapas y cervezas en Palma de Mallorca
Tapas y cervezas en Palma de Mallorca


Bloemenmarkt is an old gold-colored beer, good alcohol content, fruity aroma with notes of hops, cereal and caramel, full on the palate and very well balanced. The flavor of a recipe to enjoy with pause and at cava temperature.

Cañas y Tapas en Palma
Cañas y Tapas en Palma

SAN MIGUEL TOKIO. Daikanyama has a fruity character with light notes of banana, apple and ripe fruits that give way to notes of toasted grain and caramel. The hops appear behind, smooth, with herbal hints. In the mouth it offers a moderate body texture together with an equally moderate intensity of bitterness. The persistence in flavor is short, with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Tapas y cervezas en Palma

SAN MIGUEL BILBAO. Bizkaia 1957 is an intense lager beer, with good body and cereal flavor, well balanced by the freshness of noble hops and its moderate bitterness. Today's beer with the authentic taste of always.

Mercat 1930

Cups and cocktails

Also in our premium bar, you can taste the best brands of drinks, from GIN, VODKA, WISKY, RONES, and be able to combine them with ROYAL BLISS, with its Premium Cocal Cola mixers, the best experience in combinations with high-end spirits .

Tap Station en mercado gastronómico Mallorca

We have a wide selection of drinks inspired by freshness and flavor. Our combinations are born from fusing classic cocktails with seasonal ingredients and flavors.

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